Capri Christian Church Newlsetter

MAY 2024

April Attendance
April 7th  507
April 14th  490
April 21st  458
April 28th  461


Small Groups
    • Small Groups for All – 6-Week Series Pray Like Jesus Taught

    Wednesday, Week 2 Power in Praise

    • 9 AM – Church Fellowship Hall with Pastor Curt
    • 2 PM – Macalone Home (Lely Signature Club Circle) with Pastor Steven
    • 6 PM – Church Fellowship Hall with Pastor Curt
Ask Me Corner
  • Check out Capri’s newest information corner in the fellowship. Ask our wonderful volunteers there to assist you with getting the Capri Church apps on your phones/tablets or ask about our ministry teams and how you can be a team member. Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to serve in the new ASK ME CORNER? Talk to Pastor Wes to sign up today! He will give you quick training and support you in helping others. “Ask, Connect, Stay Informed, Get Involved – Together we make a difference!”

From the Pastor’s Desk…

Curt Ayers, Senior Pastor

         I hope you were able to worship with us on Easter weekend. It was a wonderful worship experience.

        We had over 1,150 in attendance plus 200 at The Fiddler’s Creek early Easter Service. Praise The Lord! God is so good to our Church!

Many of you brought friends and relatives to enjoy the day.

    I was thrilled with the music and worship and look forward to a bigger Easter next year.

      Please be a part of what God is doing in our Church and Southwest Florida.

     We all always need your help, support and prayers.

Pray hard, work tireless until Jesus comes back.


Good Fathers

By, Tim Irving - Evangelism Team What makes a good father? Well, according to the Scriptures Pastor Curt used yesterday, a good father is a pattern of good works, shows integrity, reverence, and incorruptability. He seeks God for wisdom, he listens, he is slow to...

What He Sees

By, Tim Irving - Evangelism Team People, parents, peers, can be some of the biggest discouragers. They have the tendency to judge by worldly standards and if someone doesn't meet or live up to them, then they're failures, haven't got what it takes, will never make...

One In The Son

By, Tim Irving - Evangelism Team Ever play with Legos? Of course, everyone has played with Legos one time or another. They are pretty cool, how the engineers designed so many sizes and shapes and colors to mesh together perfectly and be made into fantastic structures....

Hope On The Horizon

By, Tim Irving - Evangelism Team When someone says, "I sure hope I get into Heaven," they probably won't! God doesn't want us to hope we'll get into Heaven, He wants us to know we'll get into Heaven. Hope isn't some vague, unsure longing, but a solid sense of...

Heavenly Home

By, Tim Irving - Evangelism Team One of the most foolish statements a person can utter is, "Well, at least when I get to hell all my rowdy friends will be there." Really. Must be one bunch of bad dudes partyin' down there huh, but guess what? Nobody's that bad and...

Lead On

By, Tim Irving - Evangelism Team We are given many instructions on what is expected of a leader in the church by Paul in his letters to Timothy and Titus and by Peter in his first letter, but none clearer than the words of Jesus in Mark 10. "For the Son of Man did not...


By, Tim Irving - Evangelism Team There are two sides to every issue. At least two teams in every contest, many candidates for only one job position, only one person may be president. There may be many prayers made but there is still only going to be one winner, one...

Envy No More

By Tim Irving - Evangelism Team James has always been one of my favorite books. He just lays it out there, no matter how hard it lands. "For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing will be there." So every evil thing gets invited to the envy...


By, Tim Irving - Evangelism Team Time magazine came out with their 100 most significant people of all time and who do you think was number one? Jesus! That seals it, if Time said it, it must be true, and it is, not because Time said it, but because He is! Think about...

Servant’s Heart

By, Tim Irving - Evangelism Team Jesus made many powerful statements but one simple sentence from Matthew 20:28 should affect our whole attitude in our Christian walk. "... the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve ..." Jesus, Lord of Lords, King of...

Our Mission Web page, invites us to EXPLORE the ministry of each partner, PRAY daily for our partners ministry and GO as commanded in Matthew 28:19-20. 

         The International Disaster Emergency Services exemplifies our values and practices our scripture. Please read about and pray for their latest initiative.

Church Plant in Afghanistan:

We had our first project with Afghan refugees in 2016 through IDES. So, we already have a long-term relationship with these Afghan Refugees, and after 8 years, more than 100 families have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord. So, we are glad that IDES has started the project of 50 churches. This is a great opportunity for these new believers to fellowship with one another every Sunday. To gather to worship and pray together, to encourage one another. They can make plans to reach other non-believers with the good news. Bringing them into fellowship with Christ. Visit to learn more about 50 churches for 50 years. 

Contact Terry Campbell for information about I.D.E.S. and other Mission Partners.


Food For Thought

Wes Hasekamp, Outreach Past


       What do we celebrate? Why do we celebrate it? I remember the first time a friend from another country asked me why we celebrate Memorial Day in May.  I didn’t know why we did when I was young, but I knew there was a good reason. I have several Hispanic friends and when I ask why they celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I get similar answers as my international friends, but they don’t know why. 

     We celebrate things because we want to celebrate something in a world that is trying to tear us down, but we also celebrate because there is always a reason to celebrate.  God put many reasons to celebrate in scripture but one of the most important things to celebrate is someone coming to know that Jesus Christ is lord and wanting a personal relationship with Him.  One of the greatest honors I have as a Pastor is Baptizing people and every time I get to do it, I get chills. I must celebrate; it is not an option because the spirit that gives life has washed someone’s death away! 


      We celebrate many things as Christians but let us not forget the most important thing to celebrate, an end to death. 





Babies: God Loves Me. (Room # 4) Class – Sunday 9 am, 10 am, and 11:15 am.

PreK:  God Loves Me. (Room # 5) Class – Sunday 9 am, 10 am, and 11:15 am.

K-5th Grade (Room # 9): Commitment — Making a plan and putting it into practice.  Class – Sunday 9 am, 10 am, and 11:15 am.

  • 6-8th Grade: Growing in your faith using the four faith skills.  

    9-12th Grade: Building life-changing habits.  

    5th – Youth Group # 1, 4-6 pm.

    12th – No Youth Group, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

    19th – Youth Group # 2, 4-6 pm.

    26th – Activity Week: BRING A FRIEND WITH YOU

    June 2nd -7th – Capristudents Retreat

    We are prepping for our very first summer retreat with our students. If you have questions about how your student can participate, please view the document, and sign your student up on the website at . We will not be adding students to the retreat in the month of May. If they are not signed up and have their tickets by the end of April, they will not be coming to the retreat with us.


CapriU (18-25 years) Nehemiah: Leadership.  

Meet us for Bible Study, Sundays 4 PM.

Wednesday Fellowship Dinner – 6PM

Parents at Capri

Join us for a well-deserved break!

we’re thrilled to offer you an evening of relaxation while we take care of the kids.

Dinner will be provided. –

Parents Night Out – May 25th From 5 PM to 8PM


Steven Dawes, Associate & Music Pastor



         Get ready to show off your patriotic spirit and love for singing with the Celebration Choir at Capri Church as we Let Freedom Ring! Our choir is gearing up for a special patriotic performance on June 30th during our morning worship services, and we want YOU to be a part of it.

         Rehearsals are held every Saturday at 10 AM, and we welcome singers of all ages and skill levels to join us. Whether you’re a seasoned choir veteran or just love to sing in the shower, we would love to have you be a part of our choir family.

       In addition to the joy of singing together, being a part of the Celebration Choir is a fun and rewarding experience. You’ll have the opportunity to meet new friends, grow in your musical abilities, and be a vital part of our worship services.

      So, mark your calendars, set your alarms, and come be a part of something special with the Patriotic Choir as we Let Freedom Ring at Capri Church. We can’t wait to make music and memories with you!