Easter 2017

We want to say Thank You to all who attended Easter Celebration this year..865 were in attendance this year.  Also a big thanks goes out to all our 50 plus volunteers who did so much ‘behind the scenes’ work to make it a great day.  Our elders/operating board start planning at the beginning of the year.  We have guys that make sure the field is available for use, working with the county to obtain all the right permits getting all the right signatures on those inspections and permits.  We have a team of volunteers who move the stage over on Friday and help set up all the chairs.  Volunteers also come over and wipe down the chairs before you sit on them Sunday morning.  There is an early morning sound equipment team that has met as early as 5am that day for set up and soundchecks.  Other volunteers will do all the communion prep the day before (that’s a lot of communion to prepare).   Some will move tables, small tents, parking signs, cookies, water etc. over that morning before the service.  There are all of the youth coaches setting up the Easter Egg Hunt for the little kids.  How about those parking guys who get there to make sure parking is not a nightmare.  Then when the service is over…there’s one more crew (usually the same ones who helped earlier in the day) that will stick around to take everything down and return it to the church.

These volunteers are so amazing because they want you to be able to walk into the service not knowing all the prep that had to go into it.  It’s nice to be able to walk into a celebration like this and just be able to keep Christ as the main focus.  So all that work…is so worth it!

Enjoy this pictures taken by our own John Schreiber…