All-Church Dinner

The lovely Lilies of the Field… graced the tables at last Sunday’s dinner. Not only in containers but also in frames with God’s word. Gerri Ditton, after many years of faithful direction, passed the spatula to Cathy McFarland who in return passed Gerri a dozen roses.

Food was flowing : Pastor Curt made his famous meatballs, there was fried chicken, delicious sliced ham, salads and veggies. Kris Kugler got her ” Snow White” hands into Blue Smurf gloves and placed hot casseroles on colorful mats.  Kathy Ragland brought out dishes while Betsy Horton made sure each one had a serving spoon. Cheryl Gepford and Jane ; the drink ladies set up the pitchers for the tables,something new they’re trying so people can remain seated. And of course the dessert table was decadent. Clean up was slick, everyone working off their meal by folding and stacking the tables and chairs While others cleared away the empty dishes…washed and dried. I think Dory Way must have dried at least 54 pictures while smiling and Laura Lee was back and forth like the Flash… you thought you were watching a tennis match.  The finale…Jim McFarland and the crew hauling the large green trash bags to the bin.
It takes a lot of work and happy people to put on a successful Sunday dinner, but here at Capri we are blessed because we… love God… love others… serve in love… until next time Family… Bon Appetite!

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