By: Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

It’s still “tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la lah!” Yet sometime we get so caught up in doing for the season, we can’t tell our fa’s from our la’s! I know the economy needs the revenue the season produces, but commercialism is taking over more every year, and the season isn’t about the economy or commercialism. It’s about the birth of the Savior for all mankind, the beginning of the end of the rift between God and man, it’s about God reaching down to us, giving us the ultimate gift, not about us giving each other presents. God chose for Him to be born to a simple family of a carpenter and his young wife. He was born in a simple stable. He was worshipped by simple shepherds. Notice a pattern here? Christmas shouldn’t be complex or frustrating or frazzling. It should simply be a time to rejoice with loved ones over the greatest gift ever given. Slow down, pace yourself, both in what you do in and out of the church, reflect on simpler times, share and if you are able, be generous with those in need. Give each other gifts, but don’t make that the overwhelming priority. This is the most special time of the year! Enjoy it, enjoy each other, and thank God, that because of His gracious gift, His Son, you are able to have the Spirit of Christmas in your heart all year long!