By, Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

How many times have you heard people blame God for their problems? Mature people don’t blame God for their troubles, they turn to Him to solve them! Hannah was a Godly woman who desired to be a Godly mother, but was barren. To alleviate her problem she sought the Lord in deep, heartfelt prayer, making vows for a son she so deeply desired. The Lord answered her prayers and blessed her with a son that would become one of the foremost prophets. Samuel became the man that he was because of the Godly mother he had, a mother who kept her word, a mother of integrity, one who prayed earnestly for him, a mother who was humble and sincere. Hannah is a role model for mothers and what a wonderful world it would be if everyone, especially politicians, had a mother like Hannah. The prayers of mothers and grandmothers are without a doubt some of the most powerful. They can change the world! Ladies, strive to be like Hannah, be the example of integrity, humility, and strength that she was and men be thankful for the mothers and wives who have been patiently praying and supporting you for years! God blessed the world with mothers, let us make sure we honor them as they deserve!