By, Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

Most fathers aren’t perfect, Robert Young maybe the exception, but these days, with single parenting a norm, many children will never know a father’s love, let alone how to be one! As in all meaningful things, the world and the devil attack, demean, and lessen the importance of that which is important. One of the devil’s most successful attacks has been on the family and the roles of men and women. Without a father teaching his children truth, honesty, morals, and loving them unconditionally, how will they relate to their Heavenly Father when they grow up? They become the society we have today, where lying is an art form and God an after thought! They have learned lying and dishonesty from the top office in the country, politicians at every level, the media, and Hollywood. So what can we do? We can lead by example. Maybe we can’t affect the whole world, but we can affect the world around us. Be an example to your family, your children and grandchildren, your neighbors. Always speak the truth and if the truth can’t be spoken in love, don’t speak. We are all constantly ambassadors for the Lord, but for men, being assigned the post of a father is a top priority. It is an awesome responsibility, and while not many of us are in Ward Cleaver’s class, we all need to do our best to convey the love and truth of the Father!