By Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

Some people love power, control, and to use it to influence the thoughts of others into their way of thinking. Sadly, because people have wealth and power, they can do just that, regardless of how many people they may have thrown under the bus to get where they are. You don’t see a lot of humble people doing that. People that know their sinful heart has been cleansed by the blood of Jesus tend to walk in humble thanksgiving. Humble people many times think they have nothing to offer, yet they have the riches of heaven at their finger tips. Christians should be the most influential people in the world. We have the wealth of eternity to offer lost and hurting souls. We are the salt of the earth, time to get seasoning! Let the world see your light, see His love through you, and first and foremost, let your children, grandchildren, see it, feel it, be taught it. We need to be a major influence in the lives of our children, because if we aren’t, the world surely will be! Help us Lord to be who You created us to be, saved us to be, to do what You have for us to do. Help us to obey Your Word, teach our children to do the same, and to be the influence that turns hearts to You.