Freedom is a precious thing, one too many Americans take for granted and too many politicians are playing with. Living in New Hampshire for many years, I readily embraced the state’s motto “Live Free or Die.” It astounds me why that offends some people! The most precious freedom we enjoy is our religious freedom and this one the enemy would love to destroy. As soon as Paul completed his missionary journeys, the enemy sent in false teachers, wolves in sheep’s clothing, trying to confuse and bring the people back into the bondage of the law, the very thing Jesus freed them from. In Jesus we are not bound to follow over 600 burdensome laws. We are told to obey 10 common sense Commandments that are for our own benefit. We are not bound to follow any man-made rites or rituals. We are free to worship with our own hearts, hearts that are surrendered to Him, forgiven by Him, freed by Him. As Jesus nailed them to the cross, we are free from sin, not free to be able to sin, but from the bondage of sin. As always, you can listen to pastors, priests, evangelists, laymen, whoever, but always check the Bible against what they say. God will speak to your heart through His Word and that’s the word counts!