By, Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

If you take a pig, wash it, scrub it, make it look pretty, then let it go, it will run right back into the sty and roll around in the mud. But, if you take a slimey, slug-like caterpillar, let it spin its cocoon, leave it alone for a bit, suddenly it will emerge as a beautiful, delicate butterfly, unable to return to its previous slimey existence because it is a new creation. That’s what happens when we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, we become a new creation! Our old man is gone, he was crucified with Jesus freeing us from being slaves to our former slug-like existence. Now we are being renewed in the spirit of our minds. Our thoughts should be more on heavenly things than earthly things. We should be putting on our new man (woman) daily, we should be merciful, kind, humble, patient, bearing with one another, forgiving one another, and above all, we should be putting on love! We need to let the peace of God rule our hearts and the word of Christ dwell richly in us. So, get out of the cocoon, let the world see you are a new creation, that the old man has passed away, and then, be the butterfly!