There is good news to tell, and as believers, we have it! Yet many seem to keep it a secret. There is a hurting world that needs to hear our good news. What did the Apostles do with the good news? They went out and told everyone they could and turned the world upside down. Now, we’re not talking about being an evangelist, orating on a soap box, or knocking on 100 doors a day. When the occasion arises, you only need to boldly tell of your love of the Lord and His love for you. You only need to share your personal story, which may be exactly what that person needs to hear. Unless you’re on a hostile mission field, there is little to fear because most people don’t get violent when you gently tell them a love story. As Paul said in Romans, “How can anyone believe in Him who they haven’t heard about and how will they hear about Him unless somebody tells them?” (loose translation) Isiah wrote, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the gospel of peace. Who bring glad tidings of good things.” So, the big question; Are you going to have beautiful feet or what?

Beautiful Feet