God has blessed us so much. He has given us life, a beautiful world to live in, forgiveness through Jesus, filled us with His Holy Spirit, never forsakes us, and gives us eternal life with a heavenly home. He has made each one of us unique, with special gifts that we are to us for His glory, and to show the world His love. That doesn’t mean we all are suppose to be pastors or evangelists or missionaries, but we all are to be ministers. He is counting on us to use our uniqueness to be ministers in and out of the church. Let’s not let Him down as many others have. Look at Solomon. He was given it all, wealth and wisdom beyond compare, even by today’s standards. The world came to his doorstep to admire and seek his wisdom. In his own words, “I denied myself nothing.” He was so blessed by God, he had been given so much, and yet, knowing God’s commands, he still disobeyed and took foreign wives. His nine hundred wives did him in (that’s a surprise) and he started following their abominable gods. After all God did for him he still turned away, a major let down, but it doesn’t have to be of an epic proportion to let God down. Knowingly or not, we all let God down one way or another almost every day. These are unprecedented times. It’s easy to say we are being set up for the end times (watch out when that thermometer turns into a scanner) but regardless if they are or not, God expects us to be His ministers, to do His work of love and caring, encouraging one another, helping others meet their needs, and telling people about Jesus. For all that He has done for us, that is the least we can do for Him. We all have a part in God’s big picture and while He doesn’t expect us all to win an Oscar, we still should be trying to get a nomination!