All-Church Pancake Breakfast

Pancakes, sausage, fruit, and drinks…what a great way to start the day! On June 10th the congregation gathered between services to share breakfast and fellowship.

We appreciate all the people who gave of their time and talents to provide the meal…flipping pancakes, filling the entire church with the mouth-watering scent of sausage, serving and cleaning up. Everyone enjoyed the time together to share food and camaraderie.

Please watch for the next all-church lunches and join us for special times to share with old acquaintances and make new friends!



Graduation Sunday

This past Sunday Youth Pastor Timothy Gardiner recognized four of students who were graduating…Brock Wilson, Grace Anne Delcompare, Jacob Schneller, & Alicia Tower.  During both of the worship hours Tim acknowledged all the graduates and shared some personal stories about them and their plans.  Also, during the all-church dinner, there were tables set up for the graduates with a gift box and card for each student.  We had the opportunity to congratulate each of the four students.
The Memorial Scholarship Committee also made their presentation to two of the students who had applied for the scholarship.  The recipients were Jacob Schneller & Alicia Tower.  Please join the Committee in congratulating  these exceptional  students who will begin another chapter of their life attending college.



All-Church Dinner

The lovely Lilies of the Field… graced the tables at last Sunday’s dinner. Not only in containers but also in frames with God’s word. Gerri Ditton, after many years of faithful direction, passed the spatula to Cathy McFarland who in return passed Gerri a dozen roses.

Food was flowing : Pastor Curt made his famous meatballs, there was fried chicken, delicious sliced ham, salads and veggies. Kris Kugler got her ” Snow White” hands into Blue Smurf gloves and placed hot casseroles on colorful mats.  Kathy Ragland brought out dishes while Betsy Horton made sure each one had a serving spoon. Cheryl Gepford and Jane ; the drink ladies set up the pitchers for the tables,something new they’re trying so people can remain seated. And of course the dessert table was decadent. Clean up was slick, everyone working off their meal by folding and stacking the tables and chairs While others cleared away the empty dishes…washed and dried. I think Dory Way must have dried at least 54 pictures while smiling and Laura Lee was back and forth like the Flash… you thought you were watching a tennis match.  The finale…Jim McFarland and the crew hauling the large green trash bags to the bin.
It takes a lot of work and happy people to put on a successful Sunday dinner, but here at Capri we are blessed because we… love God… love others… serve in love… until next time Family… Bon Appetite!


Summer Small Groups

Our small groups got off to a great start this week at the Hobgood home on Marco Island each Monday evening and here at the church on Wednesday morning.  Pastor Curt is leading the Monday evening at 6pm group and Pastor Steven is leading the Wednesday morning at 9am group.  We hear that Bob Hobgood fixed some pretty awesome ribs for the small group Monday.  Then today (Wednesday) Linda Duck made a great chocolate cake with white icing.  We are so spoiled at Capri Bible studies.
The study we are going through this summer is called Four Great Loves.  It’s an 8-week series that includes discussions about loving God, loving God’s Word, loving God’s people, & loving God’s purposes.  Already our first week of discussion was a great time of learning from God’s word in Psalm 116.
Make plans to join us at one of these groups this next week as we talk about Loving God by Serving Others…John 21:1-19.



What a great Easter Celebration we had 2 Sunday’s ago with over 1,100 of our family and friends here on Capri. We just want to thank Pastor Curt and our leaders and all of those volunteers who did so many ‘behind the scenes’ jobs to help organize and run the program side of Easter. Also thank you to each one of you invited and brought people with you. Pastor Tim and his volunteers had over 70 little ones participate in the CapriKidz Easter Egg Hunt.
Last Sunday Pastor Steven challenged us with the message ‘So, Now What’? Christ came out of the tomb, has your heart made Him room? We have work to do in helping the world to understand that every Sunday, every day for that matter, we celebrate the Risen Lord!
Let’s make it our top priority to live everyday as Easter Sunday…the celebration never ends
Here are some photos taken by our own Carla Huntington Abbate fro Easter Sunday at the tent. There are also a few shots from the Fiddler’s Creek Easter service that Pastor Curt and Pastor Steven lead before our service. Abbate from Easter Sunday at the tent. Also, there are a few shots of Pastor Curt and Pastor Steve leading the annual Fiddler’s Creek Easter service.


Become A Prayer Partner…with Stadia

Stadia is one of the mission works supported at the Capri Christian Church…
Stadia and their partners have planted almost 289+ U.S. churches and 189+ global churches and has mobilized sponsorship of over 30,000 children in impoverished communities. Stadia has had the honor of helping hundreds of great leaders like you start new churches. With these leaders, we share a passionate desire to see a world where every child will experience the love of Jesus Christ through the local church.
As Stadia celebrates 15 years of church planting, they are mobilizing 15,000 prayer partners to unleash God’s power in unprecedented ways. By becoming a PRAYER PARTNER, you help catapult Stadia to the next level of church planting so they’re regularly planting over 150 new churches annually. This is an aggressive goal, one they know can’t be accomplished out of their own effort.
To become one of the 15,000 prayer partners CLICK HERE to go their website to sign up and for more information of this mission work.
Also, we are glad to have attending with us, in season, Tom & Debbie Jones. Tom is an Executive Director with Stadia and would love to answer questions or tell you more about this work

Tom Jones, Executive Director


Pastor Appreciation

The leadership of Capri has designated the month of February as Pastor Appreciation month for our three Pastors (Curt, Steven, & Tim).  We invite all of you to take some time and encourage them in your own way to express your thankfulness to them and prayers for them (I Thessalonians 1:2).  A box has been placed in the Welcome Center for you to drop off cards/gifts/notes.  Thank you