What defines being rich … large homes, cars, boats, piles of money in safety deposit boxes? Nothing wrong with being rich, but it is important what you do with it. Paul’s instruction to Timothy in his first letter about the “rich of this present age” was to help them from trusting the uncertainty of riches instead of God. Living in Naples we are surrounded by wealth and people that love to flaunt it, many of which, I fear, are far from the Lord. Wealth can come and go in a heartbeat, but treasures laid up in heaven are indestructible! Riches aren’t necessarily material things and generosity doesn’t come with a price tag. You can be generous with your money, sure, but being generous with your time and kindness are treasure builders too. That is something, whether rich or poor, that should define a Christian … to be overly generous with what you have. If you are able to help out financially, great, if not, kill them with kindness, offer your services to those that can use them, make yourself available! This new year, if you’re not already doing it, make a concerted effort to be generous with kindness, time, abilities, and if able, finances, and work at building up that heavenly treasure!