Why do people think they could possibly do anything to earn their way into heaven? Maybe because we don’t look at sin the same way God does? People have a tendency to rate sins, like murder would be a ten and a little white lie a one. It’s one thing to cheat on taxes but cheating on your wife a whole other ballgame. Stealing a candy bar from a 7/11 can’t be as bad as robbing a bank, can it? I mean, if I consistently keep 9 out of 10 commandments, that‘s pretty good, isn’t it? Therein lies the problem. We can abide sin, God cannot! What sacrifice could we ever make to atone for our sins to a Holy God? There is none, that is why Jesus did it for us. He is the only one, acceptable sacrifice. No amount of law abiding, chanting, meditative trances, hiding away in a cloistered fortress, lighting candles, or insincerely reciting prayers is going to do any good! Man wants to be holy, but according to his own rules. God said, “Believe on My Son!” Jesus said, “No one comes to The Father but by Me!” It’s not complicated, He made it as simple as He could for us, but extremely hurtful for Him. Don’t try to work your way into heaven, just say thank You and accept the precious gift of grace Jesus offers!