With a group of 79 kids, parents and volunteers our third day of VBS had “The Road of Emmaus” as our Bible Story. We heard about two friends who were on a journey and met a stranger along the way. The stranger turned out to be none other than Jesus. They thought he was dead,
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VBS Day 2: Live Like God Has a Plan for You

Our Second VBS Day, brought us one of my favorites Bible Stories: The Queen Esther. Esther an orphan child but with an amazing life plan designed by The Lord: She became the queen of the most powerful nation of those times, Persia. She was also the instrument that God used to save the Jews nation
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VBS Day 1: Live Like You Know God Is With You

VBS is here! In our first day we had a group of approximately 70 kids, parents and volunteers all AMPED and willing to learn about How God is always with you! The night started with an energetic moment of songs and worship to the Lord, every song rhythm was very contagious and with a clear
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BigStuf 2018: ORIGINALS

Our Capristudents attended BigStuf 2018, Summer Camp. Everything starts somewhere. The greatest movements and the biggest heroes all had a beginning. Before the success, before the fame, before the impact, there was a time when someone dared to be an original. They dared to do something that had never been done, make something that had
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All-Church Pancake Breakfast

Pancakes, sausage, fruit, and drinks…what a great way to start the day! On June 10th the congregation gathered between services to share breakfast and fellowship. We appreciate all the people who gave of their time and talents to provide the meal…flipping pancakes, filling the entire church with the mouth-watering scent of sausage, serving and cleaning
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Church Pictures and Membership…

We will be taking Family Pictures during the next 3 Sundays in March, (16th, 23rd, & 30th) after all the services.  You can also schedule to come in during the morning work hours (Monday-Thursday 9am-12pm) during 17th-20th or 24th – 27th.  We have updated our membership program and so it is imperative that everyone (members
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