How times have changed. Once people from all over the world would travel to seek and hear the wisdom of Solomon. Now they just ask Alexa or Siri! Pretty sad, but the saddest part is they don’t get to hear the “rest of the story.” For all of Solomon’s wisdom, for all of his riches, for all of his luxurious living, for all his self-fulfilling pleasures, he was still left empty or as he called it, chasing the wind. Alexa or Siri will never tell you that! So, what wind are you chasing? That one more big promotion, that house on the golf course, that flashy foreign sports car that screams, “look at me, I’m a success?” Is that what makes you successful? Solomon, just like everyone, had that spot deep inside that no amount of worldly assets or pleasure could ever fill. God put that spot there and only He can fill it. Don’t waste your life chasing the wind . Open the door to your heart, allow Jesus to enter in, and before you know it, the wind will be chasing you!