Something that has always bugged me is how people make such a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. They wine, they dine, they buy expensive romantic gifts, they treat each other like royalty, for ONE day, and then like Cinderella the rest of the year! Is that how to show love? Is that how we show Christ’s love? Do we go out of our way to show Jesus’ loving kindness and forgiveness every day or only on Christmas and Easter? How did Jesus live His life … lovingly and sacrificially! The world doesn’t need to see imitators of itself, it needs to see imitators of Jesus. It doesn’t need to see people flapping their lips with empty dialog. (we have politicians for that) It needs to see people moving their feet into action to back up their words. We need to be in the world, but not conformed to the world. We need instead to be transformed by His renewing love. Don’t show love to the world only on the night of the ball. We don’t want the world to think of Christians as the evil step-sisters. We are children of light living in a dark world. Let them see His light, His hope, in you, and who knows how many you will help to live happily ever after!