Because of some personal tragedy that has befallen them, some people think God doesn’t care about them or doesn’t understand their pain. Then why did He send His Son to walk the earth? Why did Jesus walk with the hurting, the sick, the outcasts? Then why did He heal their sicknesses, raise their dead, restore the unclean, feed the hungry? Why did Jesus suffer and die? Why does He tell us to cast all our cares on Him? Because of His great compassion for us, He endured all of our frailities. God understands our pain, even to the loss of a child. He will always be there for us, in any circumstance, with understanding, compassion, and forgiveness, just waiting for us to turn to Him. He has set the example for us to follow. As He has shown compasion on us, so should we do to others. We need to be sensitive to the hurts and needs of others, and not let them get lost as we persue our own agendas. We sometimes get so caught up in our own business, we fail to see the needs of the truly hurting all arouund us. The next six weeks are a great time to start getting serious about showing Christ’s compassion to others. Look around your community, then pray about what the Lord would have you do to show His love to others. No act of kindness is too small when it comes from a large heart of love.