By Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

Something many of us lack and something we need to instill in our children is confidence. Not a worldly self righteous, egocentric, bragadocio attitude, but a Godly confidence of who we are in Him. Confidence because we are known by a holy, awesome God, who knows His sheep and calls them by name. Confidence because we belong to Him and are a part of His family. Saying we accepted the Lord always seems backwards to me. He accepted us, adopted us, filled us with the Holy Spirit, and has made us heirs of His kingdom! Confidence because we have been forgiven of our sins and cleansed by His blood. They have been removed as far as the east is from the west, and He will continue to forgive our failings when we confess them to Him. Confidence because we can change. He is working in us and will continue till the day He brings us home. Forgiven doesn’t mean perfect, we are a work in progress, some progress slower than others, but He will help us grow. Finally, we have confidence knowing we can make a difference because if “God is for us, who can be against us?” Read Romans 8:31-39. Okay, read it again. If those verses don’t fill you up with earth shaking confidence, I don’t know what will! He is for us, nothing, that is nothing can seperate us from His love. Now stand tall and go out and change the world around you! These key points on confidence are what the children will be learning this week in VBS. Thanks Pastor Wes for giving the adults their own mini VBS and a much needed confidence boost!