My grandson was in a play on Saturday about a village of wooden people that were so concerned about the opinion of others and earning their stars of approval that they no longer cared about the opinion and approval of the woodcarver who lovingly created them. Max Lucado wrote the play and it is a perfect analogy for today’s society. So, whose stars are you trying to earn? Do you think Mary really cared what anyone thought when she broke open the costly jar of spikenard and anointed Jesus’ feet? A year’s wages poured out and gone! Mary didn’t care because she knew she was doing the right thing. How often, when we know we are suppose to do something for the Lord, do we allow public opinion sway us away? Why would you want to give to the needy when you could buy Jimmy Choo shoes, Callaway golf clubs, or another house instead? Madison Ave says we deserve it or them or whatever it is. There is nothing wrong with having nice things but we need to keep a balance between honoring God and honoring ourselves. Look at all God has done for you, all He has blessed you with! Our faith and trust in Him should grow stronger each day. It doesn’t matter what the world says, look at what He has done for you personally. Mary knew. She did what she knew was right. What is God calling you to do? Don’t let public opinion or personal pampering deter you. Do what is right, do His will!