Why do people choose to be bad rather than good? Because it’s so much easier and fun to be bad. Like, who am I hurting if I drink too much sometimes? How many fatalities are caused by drunk drivers, how many families, abuses, lives are destroyed by alcoholism? Hey, it’s only a joint, it’s not addictive, until it is, until you need something stronger and stronger, until you’re selling your soul for the next fix! It’s only sex, everybody is doing it, it‘s no big deal. But how many abortions, how many marriages, relationships, friendships, how many hearts have been devastated by no big deal? So many people see God as this judgemental figure with a big black marker checking off their sins instead of a loving Father who has set boundaries to protect His children. He didn’t make up rules so He could judge us, He gave us guidelines so we may enjoy life to the fullest. Sometimes the lure of being bad and it’s self filling pleasures hide the self destructive consequences. Don’t be blinded to the truth, life is so much more enjoyable living in the good. Thank You Father for Your loving hand. Thank You for Your boundaries. Thank You for forgiving us when we test those boundaries. Thank You for Jesus!