What motivates you? Promise of a big reward or something in the hand right away? A drill sergeant screaming in your face or someone softly whispering in your ear? We all are motivated in different ways but when it comes to worshiping the Lord, we should be motivated by gratitude. Think about who God is (or try to even comprehend His awesome being), then think about His incredible, marvelous creation, then realize that the One who put the stars in place wants to have a personal relationship with you so much that He provided the way through His Son’s sacrifice, and then He wants to give you His Holy Spirit and an eternal home! If that doesn’t motivate you with gratitude I guess nothing will! Just like the early church, we should be excited and full of joy, looking forward to meeting together whenever we can and wanting to share that excitement and joy with others. So, stop sucking on lemons, enter His gates with thanksgiving in your heart, enter His courts with praise, and invite others to share your joy!