Everybody has faith. People have faith in their boats not to sink in the sea, faith in their parachutes to open, faith in ropes not to break while danging off of a cliff, faith in the chair they sit in to hold them up. But how many people have faith like a Centurion? A lethal commander of 100 hard nosed Roman soldiers had enough faith to ask Jesus to come and heal his sick servant and while being humble enough to know he was unworthy to have Jesus come to his home, he still had the overwhelming faith in Jesus that he knew Jesus only had to speak the word from afar and his servant would be healed! We come to God by faith, knowing that without faith it is impossible to please Him. Do you please Him or do you just mouth the words not really expecting anything to happen? We are to be a people of faith, trusting in Him, in His Son, His Word. It’s time for us all to have faith like a Centurion!

Faith Like a Centurion