Funny how we have faith in our car’s brakes to stop us, a 187,000 pound plane to fly us, a cruise ship not to drown us, faith in Jesus to save us, but generally not enough faith to trust Him to take care of our daily needs! Abraham, the father of faith, believed in God’s promises to him. God told him to move, he moved. Told him he and Sara would have a son in their old age, no problem. Even when God told him to sacrifice that long awaited son, Abraham had faith God would still fulfill His promises. Strong on the big points, but not so on the smaller ones. Twice he lied about Sara being his wife for fear of what might be done to him. He didn’t think God would take care of His chosen couple? When the son didn’t arrive on their expected timetable, he allowed Sara’s handmaiden to bear him a son, and we all know what a mess that turned out to be. The father of faith faltered, just like us! It is so easy to have faith in the big things, but hard to believe He’ll take care of the little daily ones, but He will, if we ask Him. The pressures from the world seem to goad us to try and work things out for ourselves. It isn’t always easy but the answer always is, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.” We do have faith like Abraham, and He will be with us, just like Abraham, every step of the way, fulfilling His promises!