Once you become a Christian, you are held to a much higher standard. Jesus is our example of how we are to live, and He set the bar pretty high. While we aren’t really expected to clear the bar on every attempt, we should be seriously trying to and our first priority is with our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Whenever you see “one another” in the New Testament, that is who it is referring to. It goes without saying that we should be kind, tenderhearted, gentle,and patient, but also that we should help to bear one another’s burdens. If you see a brother or sister struggling, and you have the means to help them, do it! It may be only to listen, or to help with something physical, or financial, or maybe only to give words of encouragement. Everyone may not have the gift of encouragement but anyone can be an encourager. Then there’s the big one, forgiveness. Jesus gave His all that we may be forgiven, what could a brother or sister possibly have done that we cannot forgive them for? Do petty egos blind us to the command forgive others as I have forgiven you? As it has been said many times before, how can we attract the world if the world doesn’t see us as any different than itself? Priority number one, love and forgive your brothers and sisters in Christ and then go and show that love and forgiveness to the world!