By: Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

This is not a typical Motivation Monday, but because this my 246th consecutive MotMons, I didn’t want to break the flow. Last Sunday night Patty came down with Fluvid – the next strain. (she likes to rename things and it’s very apropos) and by Wednesday she shared it with me and by new year’s day we were both half dead! I have never had such an all encompassing virus. Vicious headache, neck ache, back aches, eye aches, muscle aches, bones ache, chest pains, dry cough, sore throat, fevers, chills, sweats, and the worst complete exhaustion. If you stand up for a minute you have to lie down for an hour. It’s killing me sitting here typing this. I would not wish this on anyone. So this is meant to give you motivation to pray. Pray for protection for family and friends. Pray for any you know with medical conditions that they don’t get it Pray for those who have it. Pray for the Lord to give wisdom to the researchers that they may totally find a cure for this thing, but as in everything pray Thy will be done. We both have been vaccinated which is a good thing. Your have to do what you feel is right, but trust me, you don’t want this! Take precautions, be safe, and have a happy new year.