By: Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

It’s not always easy to walk by faith and not by sight. At first, for Zacharias, it was hard to do either. Can’t really blame him though. An angel tells you that you and your old(er) wife are going to have a son who would pave the way for the coming Messiah is a lot to handle, but handle it they did. They became Godly parents and raised John with full understanding of his purpose in life. John had complete focus of who he was and what he needed to do and he kept his feet on the path laid before him. Wouldn’t it be nice to stay focused, follow the path we’re suppose to be on instead of getting side tracked and zigging and zagging our way along instead? We all have a purpose and while we may be able to do many different things, God created us with our own special abilities to use for Him. You may not think you have any special ability, but you do! Think about what comes easy to you. What’s easy for you to do may be like climbing a mountain to others. Pray about how God can use your uniqueness. John the Baptist was an evangelist and he stayed true to his calling. We all aren’t called to be evangelists, but we are called to be sowers. Pray about how you can sow using what comes naturally to you. You don’t have to preach from a soapbox, a simple gesture of kindness or caring can open the door of someone’s heart. Seek your path, stay focused, and leave the zigs and zags behind!