By, Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

Sheep are thought to be stupid, defenseless creatures that mope aimlessly on hillsides but actually sheep are surprisingly intelligent with impressive memory and recognition skills. Sounds like two different animals. Maybe that’s the difference a good shepherd makes. A shepherd like Jesus! That’s a good analogy of those that don’t know Jesus and those that do. The Good Shepherd has compassion and cares for His sheep. Jesus’ compassion drove Him to action, always meeting needs. He was always teaching His sheep, but teaching and leading His disciples first. The constant throng of people would tire anyone, but even when He tried to get away into the wilderness for some peace and rest, the crowds still followed Him. So what did He do? He had compassion on them! First He taught them, meeting their spiritual need and then He feed them, meeting their physical need. Five thousand men plus women and children! He led by example, encouraging His disciples to do more, to meet people’s needs where they were at, to take care of the crowds in their lives. So, how are you doing with the crowds in your life? Do you have compassion for them? Do you make time for them or blow them off? Do you try to meet their spiritual needs and then their physical needs? Crowds can come in all sizes from families to neighbors, two or more can be a crowd. Jesus set the bar pretty high. He doesn’t expect us to raise it but at least be trying to meet it. So, are you?