By, Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

Pastor Wes finished his two part sermon, Compassion on the Crowds yesterday with some challenging thoughts. While we may be willing to serve in many different areas, what prevents us from really stepping out with compassion on the crowds? Is it a lack of faith? We have faith that He saved us, we believe He loves us, we have witnessed His hand on our lives in a personal way time and again, and we see His awesomeness everyday in His magnificent creation all around us. There is no doubt that all things are possible with Him! So do we think if we step out He won’t be with us? If we try to do things in our own strength, maybe, because He doesn’t want us trying to do the impossible without Him! He wants us to lean on Him in everything. He’ll give us the strength we need, He’ll be there to pick us up if we fall. It doesn’t matter to Him if we fail, only that we try. He will never leave us nor forsake us, whether we win or lose! I know I can’t have compassion on the crowds without Him. When Jesus asks you to love someone who seems impossible to love, offer what you can and allow Him to do the rest. He knows your talents, He gave them to you. If you have two bad knees, He won’t ask you to run the hurdles! Be open, be willing, seek His strength daily, and He will bring the crowds to you and fill you with enough of His compasson to love them!