Jesus taught us to love one another. So, what does that entail? Being patient, being kind, not being jealous of someone because they are talented and/or beautiful/handsome. Not being egotistical and thinking of yourself first, being courteous, self sacrificing, not easily irked by others, and only wanting the best for others. If we truly want to be examples of Christ’s love, we need to exhibit all those traits, which will in effect, make us encouragers. You don’t need the gift of encouragement to be an encourager, you only need love. Encourage others in truth, help them to be their best, to learn to soar, and if need be, soar with them. When someone does a good job, tell them. When someone messes up, tell them they’ll do better next time. Let’s be a body of Christians that are known for our love and honest encouragement for one another.

Help to Soar