I’m so glad that God’s love is amazing. That He accepts us as we are, that we don’t have to be cookie cutter clean to become a member of His family. The righteous religious rulers were stunned, as most likely were the Disciples, when Jesus called Matthew to join them. A tax collector was the lowest of the low in everyone’s eyes, but not Jesus’. He called Matthew as he was, warts and all, to serve in a special way, just as He did to us. I’ve always loved Jesus’ reply to the Pharisees that “those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.” The world is full of sick people that need the Lord’s healing and what better place is there for them to go than His church? A place full of other sick people but ones that are on the road to being totally healed. It’s doors should always be open and ready to receive anyone seeking help. There is no one God cannot save and use, from any walk of life, and there is no one who should ever enter the church and not feel His love. Maybe churches should have a cross on their steeples and a red cross on their doors. People need to know they aren’t entering to be judged but that they are coming into a place of love and healing. May Capri Christian always be that place!