February 3, 2016

New Members

Membership at Capri is for those who will or who already have received SALVATION by God’s grace:

  • through faith (as the means)
  • in baptism (as the time)
  • for good works (as the result)
If you are interested in knowing more about what the Bible has to say on these matters CLICK HERE

An associate membership is offered to those who live here only part of the time and wish to retain membership where they live the rest of the time.

2016 Baptisms & New Members

Bill Cahill on January 2nd – (Baptism Video)

Bobbi Boone on February 3rd – (Baptism Video)

Seth Saunders on February 21st – (Baptism Video)

Olivia Saunders on February 21st (Baptism Video)

Erika Kozar on April 11th (Baptism Video)

Richard & Lillian Ellerman on August 22nd (Baptism Video)