There are a lot of nasty things and people out there and they can be kind of scary, but, think about this. The One who created all things, hung the stars in place, spun the planets (even Pluto) into orbit, made the waters and mountains and canyons, designed our complex, intricate bodies and did the same for animals and fish and birds, also sent His Son to live among us to show us His love and provide a way for us to be with Him for eternity! Think about that. He created this incredible world for us to live in temporarily and then gave us His Son so we would have a heavenly world to live in permanently! Wow! I guess that’s why Paul and the Psalmist avowed, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” God is definitely for us, that has never been an issue, but are you definitely for God? If you have given your heart to the Lord, then you can boldly say, “I’m not scared!” If the Creator of all things has got your back, what’s there to be afraid of? So, next time satan tries to frighten you with one thing or another, you just tell him, “I’m not scared! God is for me, who are you to even try to go against me?”

I’m Not Scared