After missing last year due to the pandemic, Capri Christian Church was able to have the worship service in the tent in the field once again! The Lord couldn’t have given us a better day, weatherwise, and over 1000 people came to celebrate the empty tomb. Pastor Wes and Pastor Tim opened and closed in prayer, Pastor Steve and the praise team gave another “wow” perfomance, and Pastor Curt gave a heartfelt message. I can’t thank all of the many volunteers enough for their hard work in making such a big job an act of love so that many people could come together and worship on this special day. Most of all, thank You Lord for all You did, for loving us, forgiving us, and for opening heavens doors to us. Easter shouldn’t be a once a year celebration. We should live every day like it is Easter, filled with joy and love and awe, not letting the woes of the world wear us down, but being filled with hope and excited anticipation, be lifted up! Whether in a tent or a building, every Sunday shold be a celebration! So start getting ready to celebrate together again this week!