There have been many controversial figures throughout history and controversial figures tend to stir things up. Jesus was probably the most controversial figure ever and just the mention of His name can stir things up over 2000 years later. He stirred up the religious leaders and people of His day, challenging their hypocrisy and attitudes. Something that caused them consternation was when He told them that if they ate His flesh and drank His blood they would abide in Him and He in them. Now, obviously, He wasn’t saying to become cannibalistic vampires but to take on the whole essence of His being but many couldn’t handle that saying and walked away from Him. There are many things in Christianity that are difficult to comprehend, that challenge us, but do we walk away because they hurt our feelings or do we dig deeper to understand them? Jesus said we all have our own cross to bear, suggesting that Christianity isn’t always a walk in the park, but you don’t have to walk it alone. He is always with you, the Holy Spirit is always with you, His people are always with you, every step of the way. Hey, it ain’t easy, that’s why we need to let Him guide us along the narrow way.