By, Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

December is a great month; celebrations, parties, decorations, parades, almost everybody is happy, smiling, kind to one another, and then, it’s over! For some cynical people, December 26th is their happiest day of the year because Christmas is over. For many people, December 26th is their saddest day of the year because Christmas is over. But … it isn’t! Jesus came to be our Lord and Savior every day, for all our lives, for eternity! The world accepts the babe in the manger but not the man on the cross and that’s where the celebration really is! While it’s not realistic to do the outward December celebration all year long, inwardly that celebration should be going on every day. If you accepted God’s grace and given your heart to Jesus, it’s not over. The celebration is never over! You’ve got a loving Heavenly Father, a personal Lord and Savior, a 24/7 on call Councilor, and a Heavenly home waiting for you! The lights may come down, the parties may end, but it’s not over, it barely has begun!