Perseverance is easy, for a little while, but a little while won’t get you too far. Do you think Stephan Curry would be the all star he is today if he gave up when he didn’t get a scholarship to a major university? Do you think Albert Einstein would have accomplished all he did if he gave up because he didn’t get accepted into the illustrious Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich? Do you think Joseph would have become the second in command of Egypt if he had given up after his brother’s betrayal and settled to being just a slave? We are to keep praying, keep believing, keep going! As James wrote, we are going to have trials, but they will only strengthen us, keep going! As the widow nagged the judge for justice in one of Jesus’s parables, her persistence paid off, keep going! Jesus said to ask, seek, knock, and then sometimes wait, but while you are waiting, keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking! God wants what’s best for you and your loved ones and He will provide what is needed at the precise time. Believe in His promises, believe He will answer what you are praying for, be strong and firm in your prayers, and keep going!