When someone mentions trials and tribulations, the first name to pop up is usually Job, and he did have more than his fair share, but he endured, persevered, through them, and was greatly rewarded. Another example of a perseverer is Paul. Although he suffered whippings, beatings, a stoning, three shipwrecks, constant peril from floods, robbers, Jews and Gentiles, false teachers, the wilderness, the city, he still kept on keeping on, spreading the Good News. Think about today, how many Christians living in Muslim countries have suffered yet persevered in their faith, even to death? Sitting in our comfortable, air-conditioned homes, in isolation, not able to go to our favorite restaurant, can we really relate to those whose faith has been seriously put to the test? James tells us to “count it all joy when you fall into various trials” because those trials will strengthen our faith. Hey, no pain, no gain, right? We are in strange times, testing times. Nobody wants to unduly suffer. Very few hands go up when the question is asked, “Okay, who wants to suffer some trials?” But … trials will come, trials are here, now. Keep your focus on the Lord, rely on His strength, seek to understand His purpose in all things, and ask for His help to persevere. These may not be fun times, but we will be stronger for them!

Sincerely, Tim Irving – Evangelism Team