“One is the loneliest number you can ever do.” “Look at all the lonely people, where do they all come from?” Without trying too hard, how many songs about loneliness easily pop into your head? Loneliness is a universal problem that isn’t unique to anyone, we all have experienced it in one form or another; the loss of a long time spouse, the breakup of a romantic relationship, loss of a best friend, a close relative, being alone in a strange city. We all know that feeling or fear of being alone, but we don’t have to! Joseph Scriven didn’t write “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” by accident. While Jesus was here, He experienced all of our emotions; love, joy, temptation, sadness, fear, betrayal, loneliness. Think of His words on the cross, “Father why have you forsaken Me?” I shudder to think of the utter loneliness He felt at that moment. He can relate to anything you may be going through. He loves you and will never let you down. You have but to trust Him and turn to Him and He will be there for you. Keep your eyes on Him and then take your eyes off yourself and get involved. When steeped in loneliness, it sometimes is hard to take that first step, but looking outward not inward is the answer. Think about how you can serve in the church. You’re a part of the body and the body needs your help. There are home Bible studies that have a seat waiting just for you. There are charitable organizations that are always looking for volunteers. If your faith is in Jesus, you can go out in confidence, knowing His loving hand will be there upholding you every step of the way and you know you are not alone!