What should be the first thing anyone thinks of when they hear the word Christians? Of course, followers of Christ, but what is the first thing they think about the followers? That they are kind, loving, and giving or self-righteous, judgemental, and fundamental? Sadly, too often it is the latter. Then we need to change those opinions and become world evangelists. Not the whole world but the world around us! To help you do that, read 2 Peter 1:5-7 and follow his instructions to grow in grace.

Take your faith in the Lord and add virtue or moral excellence to it. Then grow in knowledge, study His word, know what He expects of you and what you are talking about. (zeal without knowledge is fanaticism) Next, develop your self control and then add patience. Peter knew what he was talking about, he didn’t just randomly make a list. It’s much easier to have patience when you already have self control. Now, being built up in those first five steps, you can display godliness as you show brotherly kindness and brotherly love to others. Obviously, to win the world to Christ we have to show them love and kindness but we must be first showing it to our brothers and sisters in the Lord. If the world doesn’t see us loving one another, why would they believe we would love them? Make it a priority, in all things, to follow Jesus’ example and love the unlovable. Yeah, He loves even us!