By Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

Pastor Curt pointed out something yesterday from John 5 that I have read hundreds of times but never really caught. The lame man by the pool was just sitting there. He wasn’t chasing after Jesus or crying heal me, heal me, or proclaiming his great faith. He was just sitting there. When Jesus approached him, he didn’t even know who Jesus was! When Jesus asked if he wanted to be healed, he of course said yes and Jesus told him to get up and get going. Without even knowing who he was in the presence of, sitting there with only his belief in local lore, God healed him! We tend to put God in a box of our own design, expecting Him to work within the confines of the limited space we give Him, but God can do whatever He wants, the way He wants, and He does. Do we not experience the miraculous because we don’t think it is meant for us? Do we limit God’s working in our lives? God is the God of the miraculous! The Creation bursts with His miraculous, creative hand. Don’t limit the Lord in your life! Seek Him each morning, ask Him for help throughout the day, ask for His help in every aspect of your life, expectantly!. You may not see any parting of the waters, but who knows. He can do anything He wants, His way not ours!