By Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

December is an exhausting month. So many functions, dinners, church dinners, cantatas, singing Christmas trees, boat parades, golf cart parades, parade parades, white elephants, children’s programs, Taste of Christmas, Winter Wonderland family night, light rides, candlelight services, service services, and on and on! Phew! All lots of fun, many very worshipful, all a part of the season. So, what do we do now? We live the life the Lord called us to live! Celebrating His birth for a month is definitely called for, but so is eleven months of showing His love. Let me challenge you with something an old hippie high school friend put on FB. She didn’t write this but could have. “I’m so sick of people walking around with a mouthful of Scripture and a heart full of hate!” That stung me when I read it, not because it casts a shadow on me, but it definitely shades what some people will think of the Lord! Everything we do or say must be done in love, His love. If you don’t have His words in your heart, they don’t belong in your mouth! Starting today, check the mirror daily to make sure there aren’t any logs in your eye. Think before you speak, think about what you’re saying. You are Christ’s ambassador. He’s counting on you to build bridges, not burn them down! Make sure your words and actions match His and let your light shine so bright that it drives any shadows away!