Paul’s rebuke of Peter for his hypocritical actions in Antioch toward the Gentile Christians there should be a resounding gong to the Church throughout the ages! We are the Church of Jesus Christ. He is the head of the Church. He died so that all who choose to accept Him would be saved. He died for Africans and Americans, Arabs and Asians, Europeans and Australians. He died for men and women, the righteous, the sinners, He died for you! If anyone accepts God’s gift of grace, they become members of the body, the family, of Christ, and our brothers and sisters. Regardless of their social statue, age, or their past sins, they are family. Never think more highly of yourself than you ought, because whether you have a GED or a PHD in Theology, you are the same in God’s eyes. We may be called to jobs with different levels of responsibility in the Church, but all still equal in His eyes. The Church is the one place in this world where anyone should find love and acceptance. God, through Jesus, has shown His love and acceptance to us, now we must do the same! May we strive as a body of believers at Capri to let everyone who enters our doors know that we are Christians because of our love and acceptance!