By, Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

It’s amazing how people can become divided on just about any issue and then believe that their opinion is the only one that matters and everyone else is out to lunch. Even when it comes to worshiping God, especially when it comes to worshiping God! There are over 4000 recognized religions in the world. When you’re talking billions of people I guess that’s understandable but not when it comes to Christianity! In the U.S. alone there are 200 denominations but world wide there are 45,000 different denominations of Christians! Are you serious? God gave us His Word, His Son, His Spirit so we all could become His children, one family. I know many families don’t get along to well, this isn’t an earthly family but an eternal one! When you get to heaven, do you think there will be a gate for Baptists only, a sign pointing Methodists over there, Charismatics enter through the purple door? I don’t know about you, but I’m a Christian not a denomination! God doesn’t care what building you worship in but that you worship in truth and love and that it comes from the heart. As Jesus told the Samaritan woman by the well, “But the hour is coming and now is, when true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” God isn’t impressed with fancy buildings, the color of hymnals, or long repetitive prayers. He is impressed with heartfelt sincerity and that you know His truth. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life Know Him, spend time with Him, in His Word and prayer. Study His Word so you know the truth and won’t be deceived by false teachers. Who knows what tomorrow may bring, covid showed us that. So, whether in a crowd or all alone, worship Him in spirit and truth and with a sincere heart. We are one family, one church, let the world know we are Christians by our love not because we have the tallest steeple.