By, Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

You have been working hard all day, your body is tired, borderline exhausted, all you want is to go home and lay down, and then the boss comes along and says he has one more thing for you to do. Do you jump right up and say yes sir whatever you want? Yeah, thought so. Yet that is what Jesus did to His disciples, twice! Once after He had taught a multitude by Lake Gennesaret and again after His resurrection. Both times the disciples had been fishing all night, caught nothing, and were tired. Real fishing, manually casting and hauling in heavy nets for hours is back breaking work, they were beat, but at Jesus’ request to cast their nets one more time, they responded in obedience and were rewarded with more fish than they could handle! They didn’t whine or complain they simply obeyed. How do you respond to what Jesus requests of you? Whether extremely tired or fresh as a daisy, do say yes Lord or make excuses? Paul encouraged the churches in his letters to never grow weary of doing good works and doing good works is seldom that tiring but always rewarding. Seek and listen for what the Lord wants you to do, to go where He wants you to go. Don’t question it, He knows what He’s doing and of what you are capable. Heed the Psalmists words, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.” You will find that is a very rewarding thing to do!