What is your most prized possession? What is it that you don’t have that you would give anything to have? I hope none of you are like Esau, who gave away his birthright, a most highly prized possession of that time, for a pot of beans! I mean, lentils are good, great source of protein, but Esau was hardly about to die of starvation. He was only concerned with his immediate needs and obviously didn’t have a very high value system. So, what is your greatest possession? You know what God thinks it is? Your soul. He gave His Son for your soul. He gave His Son for everyone’s soul. that’s how prized He considers it. He doesn’t care if you’ve amassed wealth, ran a Fortune 500 company, or own a jet. He is only impressed with your soul. As Jesus said, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?” Want to have both of those things? You have but to give your soul to Jesus and you will have this whole world and the next one too! There is no possession greater than to have the Lord in possession of your heart!