Why is it so hard to pray? The Creator of all things wants to have a one on one time with you, wants to hear your heart, wants to hear your heart for others, wants to give you answers, but we are so busy with our mundane lives, so pressed for time that we barely squeeze off a quick memo when we get the chance. What is wrong with us? God wants you to talk to Him! Most people will barely listen to what you have to say while God wants to listen to you! We need to be like Daniel. Every day, three times a day, he spent time with God. Even the threat of being thrown to the lions didn’t deter him from his prayer time because he knew from his close relationship, God would deliver him. While we may not be literally thrown into a den of lions, every time we leave the house, to work or school or whatever, we are in the lions den. We need to have Daniel’s close relationship and God wants to have it too. You don’t need to be a pastor, priest, or prophet, your prayers are just as important and powerful. They don’t need to be flowery and theological, they only need to be from you. Take time to make time to recharge your prayer life and then take notes to record what happens. You’ll be amazed!