It’s that time when people make resolutions for the upcoming year that are usually unrealistic and unattainable. As 2020 proved, life is unpredictable and fragile, so let’s be intentional with our goals for 2021. Something Pastor Curt said yesterday could be a world changer if everyone resolved to do it. “Love others as you want to be loved.” Philosophers love to debate the question is it better to give love or receive love, but their answer is moot because, “We love because He first loved us. “Without His love we wouldn’t know where to start. He set the example. He loved us by giving His Son, He loves us with endless forgiveness, blessings, guidance, and if necessary, discipline. Because we have received heavenly love, we can show earthly love. Maybe individuals can’t change the whole world, but they can change the world around them. Resolve for 2021 to be the year you love as you want to be loved, to forgive as you want to be forgiven, and make the most of whatever time you have for who knows what tomorrow may bring. Have a blessed and happy new year.