Summer Small Groups

Our small groups got off to a great start this week at the Hobgood home on Marco Island each Monday evening and here at the church on Wednesday morning.  Pastor Curt is leading the Monday evening at 6pm group and Pastor Steven is leading the Wednesday morning at 9am group.  We hear that Bob Hobgood fixed some pretty awesome ribs for the small group Monday.  Then today (Wednesday) Linda Duck made a great chocolate cake with white icing.  We are so spoiled at Capri Bible studies.
The study we are going through this summer is called Four Great Loves.  It’s an 8-week series that includes discussions about loving God, loving God’s Word, loving God’s people, & loving God’s purposes.  Already our first week of discussion was a great time of learning from God’s word in Psalm 116.
Make plans to join us at one of these groups this next week as we talk about Loving God by Serving Others…John 21:1-19.