By Tim Irving – Evangelism Team

In the prayer (that was meant to be a formula for all our prayers) that Jesus taught His disciples, what was the first thing He told them to ask for? “Give us this day our daily bread.” Not surprising that later on He told His disciples, “I am the bread of life!” Now granted in the prayer,, He’s telling them, and us, to ask God daily for our needs, trusting Him for tomorrow, satisfied with what we have today, but the bread Jesus represents goes a lot deeper than daily needs. His bread, His body, was sacrificed for us. His drink, His blood, was shed for us! To accept His bread, His drink, is the crux of the Gospels! He showed us how to live through His life, He showed us who He was through His death! We probably unfairly judge some of His disciples who walked away when they heard Him talk about His body being the bread and His blood the drink, but we don’t understand how hard it was for them to culturally gasp. It still is today yet communion and what it represents is one of our holiest rites. He wants us to be one with Him which makes us one with the Father. Jesus is the bread of life! Don’t go a day without asking for your daily bread. Don’t go a day without the Bread of Life!